Perspective 2019

Perspective- one of my words of the year.

The hanged man.- this was one of the cards I picked out for me in  2019. 

It was a match made in heaven!

From the Rider Waite deck.


I chose the word after  I had one of those Subconscious override momentary blackout (SOMB) while I was driving.  

You know the ones where you have no idea how you had travelled the 200m and then realise that the lights changed, and you’ve changed gear and everything- yet you were totally unaware?  

It got me thinking of how many times a day this happens. Not just driving.

From the food I choose to eat.

The words I choose to speak. 

The thoughts I choose to think.

Where does it all come from?

So this year is all out that.

This year I vow to question everything.  

As Abraham Hicks calls it contrast is everything.  

The concept of duality is seen in the Taoist philosophy.

Ying, Yang.

Black white.

Up down.

So my mission this year is to see things from a range of angles.  

What I used to think as normal…. I will ask the question why?

If I show a resistance towards something I will question it.  

Beliefs, ideals, ambitions.

It will all be questioned.

Taken from here are the synonyms for perspective are

  • angle
  • aspect
  • attitude
  • context
  • mindset
  • prospect
  • viewpoint
  • headset
  • landscape
  • objectivity
  • overview
  • panorama
  • proportion
  • relation
  • relativity
  • scene
  • vista
  • broad view
  • frame of reference
  • relative importance
  • size of it
  • way of looking


As a Maths teacher I’m loving the concept of looking at thing from a ‘different angle’. 

A bit like a selfie- can I find the right angle to understand what is going on? 

With an infinite number of angles why wouldn’t I want to see things from a different Point of view?

So in 2019 I’m committed to

Pausing. Questioning. Getting curious. Thinking of the polar opposite and then deciding.

But for now I’m going to choose the 6 things I want to change my perspective on

  1. What I eat?
  2. How I move?
  3. What I can create?
  4. What and How I can learn?
  5. New ways I can restore?
  6. How might my feelings about things change if I look at them from this different perspective?


So Happy New year Everyone!

Now what?

  1. What do you want to start looking at from a different perspective?

Download this sheet and write down your ideas.   ( It’ll take 10 minutes)

Click here for your free perspective planner 2019


2. Write down any insights that you have had from your perspective planning and this blog post in the comments below. 


3. Repeat this mantra to help you start to include more perspective in your life.

As I look at things differently, I see my world changing, working to give me my best life yet.


4. Don’t forget to download your free desktop calendar – Download below.  Just right click. Save image. Then set the image as your desktop. 

Your January 2019 desktop calendar- May you recieve the light you need to see things from a different perspective. As I look at things differently, I see my world changing, working to give me my best life yet.


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