“Remember first that everything you think, say, and do is a reflection of what you’ve decided about yourself; a statement of Who You Are; an act of creation in your deciding who you want to be.”
― Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 2 Taken from

Well I have decided to represent myself using my artwork as a medium for expressing myself.

My Dad asked me what I would have taken for A levels if I had the chance to do them all over again. I said I would choose Art.

My Mom responded by saying ‘You never did anything arty”.

I said ” Yeah but I had never been exposed to it, so how would I know if I was any good at it?”

She went on to say “Yeah but we had felt tips in the house”.

I smiled.

It got me thinking.

My art knowledge consists of a secondary school education, GCSE in Graphic Design and an understanding of how my art work helps me express myself, keeps me mindful, present, calm and alert- all at the same time. It’s taken me on a journey to complete an Art Therapy course and then create this.

I know that my heart feels alive when I walk around an art gallery.

I have a huge sense of warmth when I see work that people have created.

I can sit for hours creating something not knowing where it’s going to take me but just having a go.

I have a natural affinity with the subject. Why not explore it further?

Over time I continued to just have a go. Do things that were outside of my norm.

Art has become my therapy. It’s my mindful tool. Along with a few others, but it represents my state of mind. My feelings. My ability to connect with the world around me.

At a time like this we need moments in our day that allow us to connect.

Mostly with ourselves.

At the time of writing this we are in a world that nobody has ever experienced in their lifetime. I haven’t lived through a world war. The closest I’ve been to experiencing major disruption was 911 and the Ash cloud. This is new. It’s a state of adjustment. It’s the next stage in our adaptation to life on this planet.

This is forcing us to strip away our identities.

It’s taking us right back to our skeleton.

It’s allowing us to think about what we represent. What we stand for. What we believe. But most of all, going forward how do we want things to be?

So this is super scary- but I’m sharing things with you.

Sharing my methods. My journey. My ideas. Things that are unique to me… but may be of benefit to many out there, and if not many- at least 1.

So, this video should be the first of many. I’m keeping it simple:

Mindful Art with Sy Ep…

Watch the first episode here. Mindful Art with Sy. Ep 1: Representation

Here’s how you can help

  1. Have a go at it.
  2. Email a picture of your work to
  3. Upload a picture of your work to Instagram with the hashtag #systobart
  4. Upload a picture of your work to Facebook with the hashtag #systobart
  5. Write a comment below about your thoughts on how you are starting to think about how you represent yourself will things change for you?

Thanks you for your support


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