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It’s been a while.

Yeah well life happens. People change.

It’s been a time of figuring out what really matters.

I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors.

Fresh air. Nature. Listening. Acknowledging. Reflecting.

In a state of constant reflection it becomes a state of being.

I’ve also had laser sharp focus.

On my goals.

What makes me happy.

What doesn’t make me happy.



Making room for growth.




Inviting. Evoking. Reminding.

I’ve been very deliberate in my teaching.

Information. Questions. Timing. Modelling. Structure. Form. Reasoning. Grounding.

I’ve never really been able to describe what I do. I find myself naturally gliding through. Responding moment by moment to the environment. The energy. The questions.

I guess that generally does describe what I do. What I think is key to teaching and vital for learning. essential for leadership.

Deliberate yet emotionally responsive.

Ultimately thinking reflectively.

It’s hard to not get sucked into gimmicks. Buzz words. Fads.

Be reminded always of what works.






If there is one thing that has helped with all of this.

It’s been Art.

Again it’s hard to put into words the effect it has.

But it does have one. A huge one.

One that can only ever be explained qualitatively.

Again new territory for me coming from a subject that relies heavily on quantitive approaches.

So this stream of consciousness comes from time.

Time to take it all in.

Articulate it all.

I hope you all enjoy the journey to merging the worlds.

Love always



Say what you see…

My daughter loves Catchphrase. If you don’t know what it is it has the phrase ‘ say what you see@ where you have to guess the common phrase using pictures and animations gif style.  Explanation here.  Here’s an episode too!

I also found this wonderful website with some different say what you see brain teasers.

I love these as they are a reminder that we all see the world from a different point of view.

Those filters that we use on a daily basis are what allows our subconscious/ autopilot to work.   When we are not aware of these in ourselves we can sometimes feel angry with others, frustrated, upset  and on edge.

The thing is we are responsible for what we see in this world.  We get to choose how we filter things. When you think about that for a while it can seem a little overwhelming. But by really allowing it to sink in, you start to think.

I love these descriptions of the words perspective as given by https://dictionary.cambridge.org

perspective noun (THOUGHT)

C1 [ C ] particular way of considering something:

get/keeps things in  perspective

C2 to think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way:

You must keep things in perspective – the overall situation isn’t really that bad.

puts things in(to) perspective

C2 to compare something to other things so that it can be accurately and fairly judged:


Now all three of these are perfect when you want to start to think about things differently.

My two favourite questions to ask when I’m interacting with someone is

  1. Where do you think their emotions behind the words are coming from at this moment in time?
  2. How is this person going to help me learn more about myself in this moment?

They seem like simple questions but they can be quite complex. You’ve got to first of all put on your JEANS

J- Remove all Judgements

E- Explore your Expectations.

A- Be Aware of the Actions, Atmosphere and Aura

N- What Notions are at play here?

S- Self...- How am  I connected to all of this?

It’s kind of like the art that I create.

I try to draw things from a range of different perspectives.

I’ll use the picture below as an example.

Here I made all the circles the same. My expectation was that each one would have a slight variation but that quickly changed.  I had to ignore the judgements I made about the imperfections in the drawing. I ensured that when drawing it the atmosphere was optimum, using mantras and music to support the cleansing process.  The notion was that I would create a form of art that would be mesmerising, engaging and complete. My connection to this was from the fact that I wanted to use circles.  I wanted to represent the cyclical nature of things. I wanted to show that I can persevere through

things that look like hard work. c



I believe Art is a way of helping us with our perspective.   You can  do some mindful colouring using this sheet.  Click here for your copy.

It helps us to explore things from the range of angles.

Art is definitely going to help with the 2019 Perspective journey. ( Read more about it here). 


Now what?

  1. What helps you see things from a different point of view?
  2. Are there any areas where you need to work on the way you need to practice putting on your JEANS?

Write your insights below in the comments section.

3. Remember this Mantra: 

“I can see things clearly when I put on my JEANS.  I remove all Judgements, I explore my expectations; I am aware of the actions atmosphere and aura; I question the notions which are at play and I look at my self. “